Re: Mainsheet System Renewal

From: Steve Wagner <>
Date: Mon 24 May 2010 - 14:03:33 PDT
To: "" <>

The original on my Olson #74 was a Shaeffer 4:1. I replaced it a couple of years ago with a Garhaeuer 3:1/6:1, am happy with it and its much less $ than Harken. They list it under vang tackle in their on line catalog. 6:1 not enough for me anymore in over 30 knots! I must have been stronger back when I had the 4:1!

I also changed out the track a while back. The flanges of the original Schaeffer started peeling up. I used a Harken deep beam for that one.

Steven A. Wagner O30 #74 Received on Tue May 25 00:47:41 2010

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