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Hi All:  

Below please find the comments of our newest Mid Atlantic owner, Dailey Tipton recently bought #117, O'ffliction2. I think his comments have some merit !  

"What happens if you all show up anyway and race in the PHRF B class. It would be out on the big course and it would be like a 1D start for the Olson's - They would do dominate the class due to corrections. Then next year you have the right to really bitch about the 1D start."  



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    I am forwarding the e-mail I received from the folks at Sailing World today. It is disappointing news for sure. I sent a reply e-mail to George which I pasted under their original message FYI. I hope that they will reconsider based on this e-mail----we will see what happens.  


Dear Gary,  

I apologize for the time that it's taken to resolve the issue of your class's participation in the Annapolis NOOD this year, but today was the first opportunity that we've had to get everyone involved together between ourselves and the folks at the Annapolis Yacht Club for a conference call about the event. Unfortunately, our discussion led us to believe that it will not be possible this year to have the Olson 30s participate. I'm aware that your class has been on the waiting list and hoping to enter this year, but after a very lengthily discussion we really can't seem to find a solution to make it work. We considered all of the variables that we could think of in an effort to accommodate the class, but the vagaries of type, speed, and performance of the existing classes made it impossible to find a niche for the Olson's without affecting the racing of other classes in some way. We did our very best to figure out a way to make it work but couldn't come up with a solution that we were comfortable with. Each time that we tried adjusting starting orders, division assignments etc., it seemed that one or more of the existing classes would be compromised. I'm sorry to say that the answer for this year will have to be "no". The previous structure of the event and the classes that have participated in the past make it impossible for us to find a slot for your class without changing the expectations of prior competitors. We're not trying to be "exclusionary", but merely making this decision by considering the best interests of all of the classes that have been with us in the past. Believe me, it's never easy for us to turn down an enthusiastic bunch of sailors, but in this instance it seems to be the only solution to our dilemma.  

We greatly appreciate your interest in the Annapolis NOOD Regatta. Please know that we will keep you on the waiting list for 2008. We look forward to seeing the Olson's in St. Pete.  

George Brengle    

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    Last year at the St. Pete NOOD's the Olson's started with the J/29's and this did not seem to create any problems either with the J/29's or the Olson 30's. The J/29's, even though they rate a bit higher than the Olson's, mostly led the Olson 30's around the course. However, the finishing times were close enough that it would sort of make it like just a larger J/29 class. Do you think this is a possibility? If any consideration can be given to this scenario, it would be most appreciated.  

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