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The following lists are currently available:

All email lists on use a majordomo server. If you know how majordomo lists work, then you know how to subscribe or unsubscribe to any of these lists. Otherwise you can follow the quick instructions below or you can read the full instructions to get yourself started.

The quick and dirty instructions are this: To subscribe or unsubscribe, send a message to the list names mentioned above, but add the string "-request" after the list name. For example, for the olson30 list, send to
Put the single word "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" in the body (not the subject) of the message.
Do not send these requests to the main list addresses shown above.
To send a message to all members of the list, send to the addresses shown above.

If you need further help, send mail to

If you would like to start a new list for your sailing group then drop us a line to:

Notice to commercial advertisers: Unsolicited commercial email is not allowed on these lists. Senders of unsolicited commercial email will be charged $500 per message. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact

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